AOT South Florida - May 4, 2017

Mini-Conferences for Assessment Pros

ExamSoft clients will share assessment processes and best practices they use to better serve their students, faculty, and program as a whole. Light morning refreshments and a full lunch will be served. A chance for networking and discussion will be available after the presentations.


Nova Southeastern University

Carl DeSantis Building - Room 1133

3301 College Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-7796



8:30 AM

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Coffee & Refreshments

Opening Remarks

How to Create Meaningful Rubrics for Student Assessment


Leveraging Rubrics for End of Rotation OSCEs 

Closing Remarks


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Dr. Strang is the Assistant Dean for Curricular Assessment at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She is responsible for the ongoing evaluation of the Pharm.D. curriculum and student learning outcomes, the development, refinement and implementation of the curricular assessment plan, the selection of evaluation tools, the evaluation of the curricular assessment plan, and the evaluation and analysis of curricular outcomes, aggregate student performance, and qualitative and quantitative student satisfaction data. Her scholarly interests revolve around curricular assessment and faculty development as it relates to teaching, learning and assessment.

Dr. Aimee Strang

Assistant Dean of Curricular Assessment, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Rubrics are powerful assessment tools. Well written rubrics guide student learning and provide formative feedback for improvement. However, creating valid rubrics can be a challenge. This presentation will focus on how to create rubrics within the ExamSoft suite of software and how to use the reporting features to improve the rubric and the quality of the assessment. Topics include selecting appropriate criteria, creating differentiating descriptions, and assigning grading schemas. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring rubrics measure student learning as defined by the course objectives.

How to Create Meaningful Rubrics for Student Assessment

Dr. Robert Casanova

Assistant Dean of Clinical Sciences Curriculum, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Leveraging Rubrics for End of Rotation OSCEs

Robert Casanova serves as Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences Curriculum at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas and as such is charge with comparability between its four clinical teaching sites. He turned to ExamSoft Rubrics to ensure a uniform assessment method for the end of rotation standardized patient encounters. The software offered item analysis data to support scoring decisions, categories to monitor longitudinal mastery and instant, personalized feedback to the learners. He is currently finishing his Master in Health Professions Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.


This session focuses on using ExamSoft Rubrics for OSCEs to take advantage of categories, built in item analysis, and personalized strengths and opportunities reporting. We started out grading OSCEs on paper, having no control over exam results and providing very little feedback for the exam takers. After implementing ExamSoft, all results are now graded online assuring centralized control. Instructors can evaluate the OSCE checklist with item analysis and exam takers receive comprehensive feedback for each OSCE.


Campus Map


A parking pass will be given to all attendees. Please park on levels 2 or 3.

From I-595 exit at University Drive proceed south to SW 30th Street. Turn left onto SW 30 Street and proceed approximately ½ mile turn right onto Ray Ferreo, Jr Boulevard. At the 4-way stop the parking garage is on your right and the Carl DeSantis Building is on your left.



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